The Duck That Listened

By Ria Chinchankar


One day, a mother duck has ten little ducklings.  When all the ducks were five the mother duck said, “I will teach you all how to play the flute.”  Then all of the ducks began to laugh except for one, the tenth duck.  So he said, “Mama, Mama, can you teach me?”  “OK,” said Mama.  The duck was horrible!  “A little bit more practice and you will sound great,” said Mama.  And so he practiced a lot. He was very good. He was twenty years old by then. 


One day, he became famous playing the flute while all his other siblings were poor.


MORAL:  Listen to your parents and you will be successful.




The Cheetah and the Sloth

By Ethan Dutra


Narrator:  Once a really fast Cheetah wanted to challenge Sloth in a race. 

Sports Announcer:  Good afternoon, birds and badgers!  Today we have an exciting day, Cheetah vs. Sloth.  Cheetah and Sloth, go to the starting line.

Narrator:  The alarm went off.  The race was on. Oh, look at that, Cheetah went off the track!

Sloth:  C’mon, Cheetah! 

Sports Announcer:  Would you like at that? Cheetah is taking nap!






The Spider and the Grasshopper

By Lacey Hicks


Once upon a time there was a grasshopper and a spider.  The spider was very very slow and the grasshopper was very, very fast.  The spider wanted to race the grasshopper.  The grasshopper said yes. So they raced.  The spider was so slow that the grasshopper took a nap.  Spider just kept on going and he was just about to win the race when the grasshopper went past the finish line in a car.  But the judge said, “Spider wins the race because the grasshopper cheated.”


MORAL:  Don’t cheat.




The Ants and the Grasshopper

By Varsha Vaidyanath

Based on a fable by Aesop


Once there were ants who lived in a hole. There was a grasshopper, too. It was summer, and the ants were gardening for food for the winter.  The grasshopper was just playing in the sun.  In Fall, the ants are picking their food. The grasshopper was jumping in the piles of leaves that he made.  In Winter, the ants had loads of food in their hole.  But the grasshopper had no food at all.  So he went to the ants to beg them for some food. But the ants said, “Get your own food.” So the grasshopper had to starve.


MORAL:  Little by little does the job.




The Horse and the Cheetah

By Cori Jackson


On a summer day, there was a cheetah. This cheetah was very, very mean.  They cheetah had parents that taught him bad things. One day, when the cheetah’s parents took him on a bad lesson trip, a horse came. The horse did good things. The horse after three minutes started to do bad things, too. 


MORAL:  Examples from older people affects younger people.




The Tiger and the Mouse

By Jason Severance


Once there was a tiger. He was the loudest and fastest. There was also a mouse.  The mouse came out of a bush.  It said, “I challenge you.” The tiger said, “Fine.”  First, they had a yell-off. Tiger was the first.  He yelled as loud as he could roar.  It was the mouse’s turn. The mouse yelled as loud as he could squeak. The tiger won the yell-off.  Then came the race. They both lined up. The monkey said, “Ready, set, go!”  The tiger ran off, leaving the mouse at the starting line. The tiger saw a big leaf. He decided to take a nap.  The mouse caught up and went ahead.  Everybody yelled, “Tiger, get up!”  He woke up.  When tiger took his first step, the mouse crossed the finish line.  The animals said, “Hurray, mouse!”


MORAL:  If you take a lot of time, you will lose.




The Fly and The Dog

By Julianna Pereira


One day, a little snake was slithering by a mansion. There was a dog in front of the mansion. He was watering his plants. “All I have is a fly,” little snake said. So he tried to get into the mansion but it was locked.  The fly buzzed away from the little snake into the dog’s paws. 


MORAL: Be satisfied with what you have.




The Greedy Person

By Alice Tor


Once there lived a greedy person.  When it was a Halloween, he walked down the street full of trick-or-treaters.  Then he walked up to one of the trick-or-treaters and said, “Give me one candy bar!”  The child was so scared he gave the greedy person the candy bar one second after he asked for it.  Then the greedy person ate it.  He loved it so much he ran to each trick-or-treater and grabbed one or two candy bars from their baskets. Then he went home.  The next day, he had so much candy he ate three candy bars for breakfast, one candy bar for snack and for lunch he ate the rest. The next day he got really sick. Then he died.


MORALS:  Too much of anything is not always good.

                     Greed brings disaster.




The Fox and The Cat

By Annie Tor


One day Fox was looking for some berries to eat.  Then he found a berry patch.  On top of the berry patch was Cat, sitting in a tree. Cat said, “Be careful, some of the berries have poison.”  Then Fox nodded and started to eat ripe berries.  Then he took a bite into a poisoned berry. “Aaaaah,” screamed Fox, “Help, me, I am going to get sick.”  Luckily, Cat heard his pleas. Then Cat climbed down to Fox and ran all the way to the doctor.  When Fox was better, he went back to eating things.  Then Cat slipped on the branch and was beginning to fall.  Luckily, Fox turned his head just in time and caught Cat on his back.


MORAL:  When you do something good, the good will come back to you.




The Boy and the Wolf

By Emma Goldner


There was a boy who lived on a farm. He had ten chickens. There lives a wolf nearby. So the boy watched the chickens.  One day, the boy got bored. So he said, “Wolf! Wolf!” All the folks ran from the village to help kill the wolf. When they got there, all they saw was the boy and the chickens laughing. Then the folks got mad. The next day, he did it again.  The next day, there was a real wolf.  The boy said, “Wolf! Wolf!” The folks in the town did not listen to him.  The only thing they boy could do was to watch the chickens get eaten one by one.


MORAL:  If you lie to people, they will not believe you the next time when you are telling the truth.




The Race to Paris

By Mathew Rumsey


One day, there was a race to Paris. Four racers were at the starting line.  The numbers were 94, 31, 55 and last but not least, 78.  The narrator said, “On your mark, get set, go!”  And the racers were off!  55 was in the lead. But 31 fell off the track.  Everyone groaned. Now 78 is in the lead. He was halfway there. Oh man, 55 fell of the track. Now 94 and 78 are the last ones. Wait, one second! 94 fell of the track but 78 saved him. And they both won the race.


MORAL:  If you save someone’s life, they might save yours.




The Robot and the Elephant

By Molly Griston


Once upon a time there were two animals named Slip-Slop and Trumph.  Slip-slop was a robot and Trumph was an elephant. They decided to have a bubble-blowing contest. Trumph got five pieces of bubble gum and Slip-slop got ten pieces.  Trumph said, “Hey, that is not fair. Just because you have a bigger mouth than me, you don’t get more pieces than me.”  First, it was Trumph’s turn. He blew a bubble and it was only 1 ½ inches. Then Slip-slop blew a bubble. It was only half of an inch long. He was very disappointed.


MORAL:  If you cheat, you almost always lose.



The Calf and the Chick

By Danielle Williams


Once there was a calf, a chick and a foal that lived in Pig’s backyard. On Sunday, Pig gave Chick an advice.  The advice was to sneak into Goat’s house and teepee the inside and outside of his house.   Chick said, “No way! I am not going to do that.”  So Chick passed the advice to Calf.  Calf passed the advice to Foal.  Foal did not do the advice so the Foal passed the advice to Pig. Pig went ahead and teepeed Goat’s house.  He tried to hide but somebody saw him.  They kicked him out.  Also, they put a piece of paper on the front door that said, “No Animals Allowed.”


MORAL:  Do not do bad advice on anybody.



7 more fables will be published soon!  : )