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Welcome to Village High School!

"A New Beginning"

California Model School
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Students attend Village High School, the district's alternative school, when, for a variety of reasons, they have been unsuccessful in the comprehensive schools. Village High School fosters a smaller learning environment and focuses on individualizing student needs and creating a community of character. Village has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and received the maximum six-year term.

Overall, academic achievement, technology as a tool for learning, character building, and career exploration are all part of the Village High School experience. Students come to Village for a variety of reasons, but they leave with a healthy respect for themselves, the staff, and the community in which they live. The California Department of Education has now awarded Village the title of Model School Program three times. The student body and staff know that we are a "model school" in every way.

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Village Video

Why being part of Village High School is so amazing!

Created by teacher Maria White.

Village Naviance Website

Village High School students can access a new website for college and career information. The counselor will be making sure that all students are logged in using their school gmail account.

The link is

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For complete school year calendar and school events/community service items, please visit our Calendar Page.

2014-2015    DATE EVENTS COST
Monday, August 25 First Day of School  
Monday, September 1 Labor Day Holiday  



Attached you will find an informational PUSD Fact Sheet for Assembly Bill 1266 - the School Success and Opportunity Act. This law is in effect.

Click here for Fact Sheet.


Pleasanton USD Program Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist students and parents in selecting appropriate classes, planning a successful high school experience and preparing for a challenging future. This guide describes the programs at Amador Valley High School, Foothill High School, and alternative schools Village High School and Horizon High School.

Click here to view the PUSD Program Guide.


Driver's Education Course - FREE!

Pleasanton Unified School District is now offering a Driver’s Education course for free through an online vendor. Open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors (age 15 1/2 and above) who have not previously completed the course.

Register here:


Attendance and Student Educational Success

An important step toward student achievement (College & Career Readiness) is being there.  School Attendance is critical to student academic success.  Read more here.

Wheels Try Transit to School
In addition to riding to school, students can take advantage of the entire Wheels bus system to go to after school activities, work, the mall, and other fun places.

Wheels is an excellent way to build a cleaner, healthier and less congested community. For additional information on routes, schedules and bus stop locations, call 455-7500 or visit us  online at



Anonymous Student Support Tip-line 925/417-5199
The Pleasanton Unified School District has created an anonymous tip line for students or parents to use in times of personal crisis or emergency. Calls or text messages to this phone number will be kept anonymous and confidential.

The tipline is an avenue for students or adults to report concerns about fellow students. Messages will be reviewed and directed to appropriate District staff for follow up. Please take this number and place it somewhere prominently near your home phone or add into your contacts list on your cell phone so that you can have immediate access to it in a time of need. 925/417-5199 Click here for flier.


Letter from the Superintendent - Accountability Measures
Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in the Pleasanton Unified School District:
The purpose of this letter is to update you on the status of our District work with our State and Federal accountability measures. You may know that the State and Federal programs are in conflict with each other. The state model is a growth model and through that system, our District Academic Performance Index (API) again increased this past year from 906 to 915. This makes us one of the highest performing school districts in the state and is a real indication that our teachers, students and classified and administrative staffs are working hard and that our students are achieving the Standards. Click here for full letter.  Spanish


Use of Drug Dogs in High School Parking Areas and Locker Rooms
Pleasanton school campuses are drug free zones. The Pleasanton Unified School District participates in a preventive program in partnership with the Pleasanton Police Department aimed at keeping illegal drugs off of our campuses by employing drug- sniffing dogs in high school campus parking lots and in the student locker rooms. Periodic, random inspections will occur using drug-sniffing dogs in the parking lots of Amador, Foothill, and Village high schools and in locker rooms at the schools. Parking lot searches may include all district parking areas on or adjacent to the high school campuses.

Please be reminded that the District Office campus is a drug-free zone and that vehicles parked in all areas of the Village High School / District Office parking lot are subject to inspection and possible search. The inspections will be of unoccupied vehicles and will occur at a time when classes are in session. Locker room searches also will occur at a time when students are not present.  We appreciate your collaboration to help insure that our school campuses are safe and drug free.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Dana at 925.426.4260 or

Dana Chavez , Principal




Debi Covello / Executive Director

PPIE School Advisory Board

Thank you for your continued support of PPIE and the PPIE Giving Fund effort. We are nearing our 1 year School Advisory Board (SAB) term and it is time to recruit new volunteers (and / or encourage the existing reps to return!).

School Advisory Board / Responsibilities & Objectives:
• To provide school sites input / approval of annual fundraising objectives (parents / faculty)
• To provide a global approach to funding objectives (what's right for all schools in your group)
• To develop & implement strategies to reach objectives (community-wide events, marketing, etc)
• To provide manpower / volunteers to meet annual objectives
• To provide consistent communication with school sites & the parent community
• Minimum 1 rep per school to attend SAB meetings (typically every other month in the evening)

PPIE’s Giving Fund Objectives:
• To bridge critical gaps in public education funding and enhance classroom education for PUSD
• To provide year round fundraising efforts targeting larger & sustainable funding sources
• To ensure program equity across all PUSD school sites
• To provide programs for students
• To provide a partnership between business & community with Pleasanton schools offering monetary support, volunteers, professional input, etc
• To ensure donations will be designated to the specific programs and services identified
• To build a community culture of all residents & businesses giving to and supporting the foundation

Click here for donation form

Questions? Visit, or please contact (your school site advisory board members) or contact Debi Covello / PPIE at




Please review pedestrian safety tips provided by the City of Pleasanton. Click here to view brochure.



Free School Guarantee

In light of Assembly Bill 165, which has been passed by both houses of the legislature and is now at the Governor’s desk; school districts must be proactive in getting the message out to their communities. The components of AB 165 are not intended to change the rules districts must follow in collecting fees from students; rather, it is designed to reflect existing parameters of the Constitutional “free school guarantee.” Read full letter here.


Village Lunch Program Information® is a secure, family friendly system for online school meal prepayments and nutrition education. offers three services:

  • MyKids (Online Prepayments) Allows parents to deposit money on their children’s school meal account via credit/debit card or Paypal account.
  • MyTray (Interactive Menus) Parents and students are able to view school breakfast and lunch options in a fun, interactive manner while learning how food choices contribute to the nutritional quality of their diet.
  • MyNutrition (Nutrition Education) Provides educational opportunities for school age families and district staff related to health, nutrition and physical activity. Resources include articles, tips, tools, recipes, links, challenges and a section just for kids designed to appeal to your entire school community.

Click here to enroll or obtain more information:

Click here for LUNCH MENU


Pleasanton Unified is posting information about our budget and a potential local funding measure on our website. Please visit for details.


Independent Study Absence Contract (K-12)

Although Independent Study Absence Contracts are available for students and families, it is important that students be in class on a daily basis. Independent Study cannot duplicate learning that occurs in the classroom. It is impossible to “make up” class discussions, presentations, demonstrations, guest speakers, and events crucial to the learning process.

The following information provides a brief overview of Independent Study Absence Contract (K-12) requirements. Please see PUSD Regulation 5101 pages 4 & 5 for the complete regulation. Students who will be absent from school due to an extended trip with parents will be excused providing that the appropriate Independent Study contract is completed prior to the trip and all assigned work is completed upon immediate return from the trip.

Please note that teachers’ and administrators’ signatures on Independent Study forms do not constitute approval by the school for the absence, but simply confirm proper notification of the reason for the possible excused absence. It is also necessary that the attendance office and teachers be notified at least two weeks in advance of such a trip unless otherwise approved by the school principal. A list of assignments for the pupil to complete while absent will be prepared. The student must complete all of the assignments during the trip; all assignments are due on the day the student returns to school.

The period of time for the absence may not exceed one calendar month. Any circumstances that require the absence to exceed one calendar month must be approved by the school principal in advance of the trip. If the calendar month ends during a school holiday, the pupil must be present at school on the first day following the holiday with all work completed.

It is also important to understand that if the work is not returned on the first day of return, the absence would be considered unexcused, and the pupil would have to reapply to school for admission (enrollment at the same school would be based on space and program availability.) It is also critical that in order to allow time for teachers to properly evaluate and assess student work, the student must be in school for the final week of the school year.



From time to time, all of our schools have a need to use pesticides. Chronic ant, spider and yellow jacket infestations need to be dealt with quickly to ensure our sites remain safe for kids and staff. Weed abatement is necessary, not only to keep our sites attractive and preserve our investment in sports turf, but also to insure healthy, safe play areas.

“The Healthy Schools Act of 2000” requires annual notifications to parents, guardians and school district employees about the use of pesticides on their school sites. Click here to read complete notice:  English    Spanish



Positively Pleasanton Schools was formed by a group of educators from across the district who believe that an informed public is an empowered one. Working closely with Pleasanton stakeholders we can achieve the greatest results for our students, schools, and the community. The successes of our schools, students, and remarkable programs merit promotion and recognition. Although made up of Pleasanton teachers, PPS is not affiliated with any other organization and does not hold or promote any political or financial aid. PPS's mission is to create a "window" into Pleasanton schools for sharing information on the many programs and activities that make up the remarkable educational experiences in our award-winning district. Our mission is to strengthen community ties, elevate communication and transparency between our schools and its stakeholders, and celebrate the character and achievements of our unique schools. Click here for website.



2012-13 School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

The SARC report has been released and available for viewing here.

To view all SARC reports click here.


What Did You Do Last Weekend?

VENTURING is coed, high adventure, fun with friends, leadership, and service.  All boys and girls ages 14-20, join Venturing!  For more information, contact Alexis Peterson at (510) 977-9226, email: or visit their website at:

Click here to view flier.


Talking to your Children about Sex

The Pleasanton PTA Council, in partnership with the Pleasanton Unified School District, has prepared a guide for parents on “Talking to your Children about Sex”. You may wish to take this opportunity to initiate a conversation with your child about sexual health issues and your family’s values. Recent surveys show that most young people look to their parents for information and advice on these issues.

To assist you in preparing for this and ongoing conversations, we have prepared a “Talking to Your Children About Sex” brochure. To access the brochure, click on this link Hard copies are available at school offices. The brochure includes information on the value of parents talking with their children about sexual health issues, a list of appropriate topics by age, tips for talking to your children, and a list of resources for you to consider if you would like more in-depth information, including websites and books.

We hope that you will find this brochure helpful and we wish you well in your attempts to maintain open communications with your children about sexual health issues. Please feel free to contact the Pleasanton PTA Council with any comments you may have.

Joan Laursen, President, Pleasanton PTA Council


Resolving Concerns or Complaints
The Pleasanton Unified School District has a process and policy related to the handling of concerns and complaints. Often concerns or complaints are the result of an unintentional miscommunication or a lack of needed information. That is why it is very important to first discuss concerns directly with the teacher or staff member in order to share information, problem solve, and attempt to resolve the concern together. In most cases, the concern can be resolved and, if needed, a plan of action can be developed together. Click here for more information.




Horizon has been in operation for 30 years and has been housed on the Village campus for at least 10 of those years. Last year marked the first time that we joined the two schools under one administration. The programs will still be run separately, based on the differing needs of each student population, but by joining the schools under one administration means that both students and teachers will benefit. The students will gain new alternatives in their educations and the teachers will benefit from pooling resources and collaborating on how best to serve all students. Click here for Horizon contact information.


Stirring Things Up

Village High School students learning skills to live and eat by

November 2008 article in Pleasanton Weekly

Running a catering company out of a classroom is a pretty daunting task. Yet when the culinary students at Village High School hear the words "production day" from instructor Kit Little, they are quick to wash up and don aprons to get the job done. Preparing ingredients and taking the role of head chef or sous chef of the project, the cooks in training do it all, keeping to their slogan, "we like to stir things up." About 35 students will take the class over the course of the year. Two classes meet during fourth and fifth period each day, meaning there is about an hour and a half for work to be done. Click here to view Pleasanton Weekly complete article MORE


Congratulations! - Village Named 'Model Continuation High School'
Village High School has been named a Model Continuation High School by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell. The Model Continuation High School Program identifies and recognizes outstanding schools that provide comprehensive services through the use of exemplary instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services. Congratulations, Village!


Village programs named exemplary!
The California Continuation Education Association has named both our Leadership Program and our Food Service & Hospitality/Village Cafe Catering Program as exemplary programs. Congratulations to go students in both programs, along with Zach and Kit!


WASC (accreditation)

Village High School completed a full school accreditation review during the 2006-2007 school year. Every school is visited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) at the end of the school’s accreditation term. Village has been awarded a six year term at each of the previous visits, and this year was no exception. The process began with a comprehensive self-study that was initiated during the 2005-2006 school year and is summarized in a 300 page document submitted to the visiting committee. In March of 2007, a three person review team visited the campus for one week to verify our findings in the self-study and to make recommendations. The visitation team was very impressed with our students and our school, and they sent in a very glowing recommendation. This process helped us to form two very important goals that we will be focusing on over the course of the next six years – raising student achievement and helping students make healthy lifestyle choices. We will continue to use our Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR’s) as a guide for creating curriculum and assessing students. This is an accomplishment in which everyone can take pride and ownership, and is just one more reason why Village High School is such an amazing place.



The District's programs and activities shall provide equal access to and shall not unlawfully discriminate based on actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics and against students who are members of special populations. Special populations include, but are not limited to, students with disabilities; students from economically disadvantaged families, including foster youth; students preparing for nontraditional fields; single parents and single pregnant females; displaced homemakers; and students with limited English proficiency. (20 USC 2302, 2354, 2373)

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)
(cf. 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures)

  Our Mission
Village High School fosters educational achievement and character development by providing a student with an alternative atmosphere and educational program that will enable him/her to explore career choices, develop academic and technical skills, and feel successful and succeed if he/she desires to do so.
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