Name: ____________________________      Pig Name: __________________           Period: ______


Fetal Pig Dissection:

Part A: External Anatomy

Rinse your pig off in the sink, and then place in dissecting tray. 


  1. Fetal Pig Length in cm: ____________
  2. Age of Fetal Pig: _________
  3. Describe the location of any hair.



  1. Number of Toes: __________       Hooves: ____________
  2. Number of mammary papillary: ____________


Tie your pig down as instructed by your teacher.  Remove the umbilical cord.  You may need to cut the major arteries and veins.  Then make an I incision.


Part B: Internal Anatomy


  1. Find the liver.  Number of liver lobes: ___________
  2. What is the function of the liver?



  1. Estimate the length (in cm) of the small intestines.  _____________
  2. What is the function of the small intestines?



  1. Estimate the length (in cm) of the large intestines. ___________


  1. Find the diaphragm.  Describe the location.



  1. What is the function of the diaphragm in a living pig?



  1. Locate the lungs and respiratory tract.  Try to find the trachea.  What is it attached to?



  1. Locate the pigs heart and carefully remove it from the pig. List the parts of the heart you can identify.




  1. Can you find the Pigs kidneys?  Describe the shape and size.



Label the parts listed below:


       The Digestive System                                        The Respiratory/Excretory System































Digestive:                                                                              Respiratory/Excretory:


C: _________________________                                   C: __________________________

D: _________________________                                   D: __________________________

E: __________________________                                  E: __________________________

J: __________________________                                   F: __________________________

O: _________________________