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Skull Review


1. The skull is one of the major components of the axial skeleton. Name the other two. ___________________________ and _______________________________


What structures do each of these areas protect?


2. Define suture:


3. With one exception, the skull bones are joined by sutures. Name the exception.


4. What are the four major sutures of the skull, and what bones do they connect?


5. Name the eight bones composing the cranium.

___________________        ____________________         _____________________

___________________        ____________________         _____________________

___________________        ____________________


6. Give two possible functions of the sinuses.


7. What is the orbit?


8. Match the bone names in column B with the descriptions in column A:            

                                                      Column A                                                 Column B


____________________ a. bone forming anterior cranium                               ethmoid

____________________ b. cheekbone                                                              frontal

____________________ c. upper jaw                                                               lacrimal

____________________ d. bony skeleton of nose                                            mandible

____________________ e. posterior roof of mouth                                          maxillary

____________________ f. bone pair united by the sagittal suture                     nasal

____________________ g. superior and medial nasal conchae                         occipital

                                                   are part of this bone                                          palatine

____________________ h. spinal cord passes through a large                         parietal

                                                   opening in this bone                                        sphenoid

____________________ i. forms the chin                                                        temporal

____________________ j. inferior part of the nasal septum                             vomer

____________________ k. superior part of the nasal septum                           zygomatic



The Fetal Skull - Read page 211 to help you complete this

1. Are the same skull bones seen in the adult found in the fetal skull? Explain



2. What is a fontanel?


        What is its fate? What is the function of the fontanels in the fetal skull?