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Health Education

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Health Standards:

STANDARD 1: Students will demonstrate ways in which they can enhance and maintain their own health and well-being.

STANDARD 2: Students will demonstrate behaviors that prevent disease and speed recovery from illness.

STANDARD 3: Students will practice behaviors that will reduce the risk of becoming involved in potentially dangerous situations and react to such situations in ways that help to protect health

STANDARD 4: Students will play a positive active role in promoting the health of their families.

STANDARD 5: Students will promote positive health practices within the school and community, including positive relationships with peers.

STANDARD 6: Students will understand the variety of physical, mental, and social changes that occur throughout life.

STANDARD 7: Students will understand and accept individual differences in growth and development.

STANDARD 8: Students will understand their developing sexuality, the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity, and how to treat the sexuality of others with respect.

STANDARD 9: The student will know how to identify products, services, and information that may be helpful or harmful to his or her health.