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Welcome To Project Creekwatch!

KicknetGolden BellProject Creek Watch, started in the Fall of 1994, is a long term scientific study of the Arroyo Del Valle "Creek" located in the city of Pleasanton, California. This project is sponsored & coordinated by the Amador Valley High School Science Department which is part of the Pleasanton Unified School District. It was awarded the prestigious California Golden Bell Award for excellence in education in 1999.

The goal of the project is to provide field experience opportunities for Amador science students while at the same time support efforts in transforming the "creek" channel into an environment that is respected, enjoyed, and maintained by the Pleasanton Community. It is critical that we understand that how we treat this watershed effects what is downstream from it and ultimately the marine environment. The web site will hopefully act as inspiration to other organizations to initiate similar habitat reclamation projects and promote a heightened level of concern about the "Land Sea" connection. We all need to work together to reclaim all that has been overlooked or forgotten and stop the flow of toxics into our oceans. We must recognize that habitat protection and stable biologically diverse ecosystems must be a priority. Our children and children's children are depending on it.

Visiting the creek site requires a short walk from my classroom. We typically will get there and back in a single class period. While at the study site, Amador students assess water quality by collecting chemical measurements, capturing indicator species, and making qualitative observations regarding the abundance and distribution of flora and fauna. Grant money provided by the Amador Parent Teacher Student Association, Pleasanton Partners In Education and the Tri Valley Community Fund have enabled us to purchase the necessary tools to collect, store, and display what we have found. Significant changes have been observed over the years and fortunately most have been positive. Recently the city has followed our lead and began introducing native plant species accompanied by wire to protect the plants from deer and irrigation to sustain the young plants during the summer. We envision that one day the Arroyo Del Valle "creek" will be a place where members of the Pleasanton community will enjoy bringing their children to observe and appreciate an abundance of wildlife.

Use the links in the navigation bar shown above to learn more about the Arroyo Del Valle, the Data that Amador students collect while at the study site, view images of some of the many organisms that can be found there, view images or take a virtual tour of the main study areas, enjoy some of the more beautiful images captured on camera, or marvel at some of the many research endeavors initiated by my students. The navigation bar is present on every page in the web site and should enable you to move in and around the site with ease.

We hope this web site will encourage you to visit the study area and become an active participant in the revitalization and beautification of this wonderful Pleasanton ecosystem. While there, if you see any Endangered Species or acquire information that may assist us in our research please e-mail

This web site was created and is maintained by Eric Thiel, co-founder of the project. He has been a member of the Amador Science department since 1992.


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