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       Amador takes pride in offering students a wide variety of club opportunities. Our clubs provide a place where students can share similar interests and work toward learning more without the burden of pursuing a grade. Each club has a faculty sponsor and student officers. All clubs are encouraged to extend their activities beyond the Amador campus and work toward benefitting the entire Pleasanton community.

Current Clubs on the Amador Campus Include

  • Anime
  • Art of Movement
  • Astronomy
  • Bhangra
  • Book
  • BSU (Black Student Union)
  • CSF (California Scholastic Federation)
  • DECA
  • Don Squad
  • Drama
  • Environmental
  • Fashion
  • FISH (Friends Interested In Serving Him)
  • Flight
  • French
  • GO
  • Guitar
  • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
  • Interact
  • JSA (Junior Statesmen of America)
  • Jewish
  • LASO (Latin American Student Organization)
  • Math
  • Mock Trial
  • MSA (Muslim Student Association)
  • Multi Cultural
  • Puzzle
  • Robotics
  • Rugby
  • Short Film
  • SIMS (Students Interested in Medical Sciences)
  • STEP (Strive To End Poverty)