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   Amador Valley High School
The mission of Amador Valley High School is to promote and enhance the intellectual and personal growth of our students. What all students should know and be able to do upon graduation . . .


Critical Thinking

Curricular Achievement

Civic Responsibility


Students demonstrate critical thinking skills across the curriculum. 


Students achieve proficiency using a foundation based on core academic standards.  Students meet or exceed academic standards in reading, writing, listening, speaking, mathematics, science, and social science. 


Students contribute to the care of the community through personal responsibility and service learning.  Students demonstrate citizenship through responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, honesty, respect, and integrity.


For example, through discussion, writing, project or presentation students analyze organizational patterns, arguments and positions advanced. 

(Reading Comp 1.0)

Students read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of literature that reflect their studies of history and social science. Students conduct in-depth analysis of recurrent themes.

(Lit Res. 1.0)

Students use the properties of the number system to judge the validity of results, to justify each step of a procedure, and to prove or disprove statements.  (Algebra I 25.0)


Students demonstrate a command of standard American English and research, organization, and drafting strategies.

(Writing App  2.0)

Students deliver focused and coherent presentations.They use gestures, tone and vocabulary tailored to audience and purpose.

Students deliver multimedia presentations.

(Speaking App. 2.4)

Students add, subtract, multiply, divide and solve multistep problems, including word problems. (Algebra I 10.0)

CST scores

HSEE results

Completion of service and reflective composition—Students write a reflective composition exploring the significance of a personal experience by using rhetorical strategies.  

(Writing App 2.3)

Condition of the Campus

Staff & Teacher Observation